Chinese casting profession to create the Chinese name brand to try hard

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Compares in the construction sanitary earthen ware profession reported that the Chinese name brand the numerous enterprises say, this year reported rubbed the ball product the factory appears is much lonelier. Supplies the information from the Chinese Casting Association, at present only then an enterprise has carried on the declaration, that is the Anhui Province Ningguo Anti-friction material Main plant. This is one has 40 year history, its production and the sales phoenix shape sign anti-friction material widely applies in profession and so on cement building materials, metal mine, coal tar thermal power, chemical engineering, ceramic coating, light industry papermaking, magnetic material powder body preparation projects and the superfine intensive processing. Chinese Casting Association’s related person in charge Gao Yan introduced that the Ningguo Anti-friction material Main plant already formed yearly produces 100,000 tons to rub the ball, to rub the section and 20,000 ton steel casting productivity, the scale comes first in at present Asian same profession. The Ningguo Anti-friction material Main plant aspect indicated that the reason that the enterprise can considerable continue the development, is mainly because the enterprise strengthened the internal management, the carrying out technological innovation, the implementation name brand strategy and has the independent patented technology. only then a participant’s competition, will not have too big being anxious obviously. This is aims at Ningguo Anti-friction material Main plant one to report the Chinese name brand incident outstanding this year, related professional’s view.since this year has not been anxious, will put in the vision next year. Chinese Casting Association’s Gao Yan indicated that the association aspect has planned in 2007 submits the centrifugal ball grinding cast iron pipe product to report the Chinese name brand table of contents suggestion. the cast iron pipe is in the water supply pipe network amount of use most one kind of tubing. At present in world every year cast iron pipe’s output approximately 7,000,000 tons, and by 3% speed increase. in 2005 our country cast iron pipe output accounts for the world ultimate output 1/4, 4 years occupy first in the world continuously. along with our country economic development, the west development strategy’s implementation, the northward rerouting of southern river, the transport the natural gas from the west to the east, the old urban pipe network transforms increases day by day, the nodular graphite cast iron pipe expands gradually suitable domain optimistic. At present, the home reaches as high as 1,000,000 tons to the nodular graphite cast iron pipe year demand, but national design productivity is only 170,000 tons, could not satisfy the market demand by far. Up to December, 2005, our country altogether has each kind of nature nodular graphite cast iron pipe Production enterprise 26, mainly concentrates in areas and so on Liaoning, Shandong, Hebei, East China. the offcenter nodular graphite cast iron pipe is in the nodular graphite cast iron pipe’s high tech product, it emerges in 70-80 ages in the Western developed country, has the pipe wall to be thin, toughness is good, intensity high, anti-corrosive and so on merits. The centrifugal nodular graphite cast iron pipe has become the traditional gray iron cast pipe, the cement pipe and the steeliness welded pipe’s renewal product, is widely applied in the water distribution, loses the gas, the oil transfer project. in the centrifugal nodular graphite cast iron pipe product manufacturing domain, the emerging cast pipe company may be called the outstanding person. According to the Chinese Casting Association provides the material, at present is emerging the cast pipe company the centrifugal nodular graphite cast iron pipe scale of production to occupy the world leader. This company after is developing the heavy-caliber centrifugal nodular graphite cast iron pipe independently, has broken before the centrifugal nodular graphite cast iron pipe technology monopoly in the minority Western country hand’s aspect. And fell the price from the original each only 300,000 ~ 400,000 Yuan 30,000 ~ 40,000 Yuan, was the country saved the fund, by the concerned expert praise was " the ethnography trachea ". It is reported that the emerging cast pipe company for next year was reporting positively China famous brand goods prepare.


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