Developed country takes seriously to develop the numerically-controlled machine tool

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for 50 years, the numerically-controlled machine tool along with the science and technology is specially the micro electron, the computer technology progress, but develops unceasingly. American, German, the Japanese three countries’ numerically-controlled machine tool technologies are advanced, the experience are many, and has own characteristic separately. in the US, the government takes the machine tool industry the development, thus proposed unceasingly engine bed’s development direction, provides the sufficient funds, emphasizes “the efficiency” specially, “the innovation”, pays great attention the foundation scientific research. Because the US first unified the automobile, the bearing profession production demand to develop large quantities of automatic production lines, therefore US’s high performance numerically-controlled machine tool technology has occupied the leading position in the world. But because of the imbalance foundation scientific research, the neglect applied technology, some period of time numerically-controlled machine tool’s output increases slowly, after rectify deviations, the output gradually rises. The German government emphasizes “actual” and “the actual effect”, insists humanist, improves the personnel quality unceasingly, they also specially take the theory and actual unify, the foundation scientific research and the applied technology pay equal attention to, strives for perfection in the product quality. Germany’s numerically-controlled machine tool quality and performance good, advanced practical, the export spreads the world, particularly large-scale, heavy, precise numerically-controlled machine tool, in the quality, the performance occupies the world leader. the Japanese government exceptionally takes seriously to machine tool industry’s development, and through the plan, the laws and regulations carries on the guidance. Is taking the talented person and the engine bed part necessary aspect studies Germany, studies the US in the quality control and the numerically-controlled machine tool technology aspect, moreover does well. Japan in the development numerically-controlled machine tool’s process, vigorously promotes the key, develops the numerical control system prominently. Japanese FANUC Corporation occupies the world in the output first, the sales volume occupies the world market 50%, to accelerated Japan and the world numerically-controlled machine tool’s development influential role.


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